Blaine Miller

Software Engineer & Photographer
Blaine has developed 2 social networks during his time in college which led him to two tech startups in Bakersfield, CA working on safety tracking software and IIOT Cloud Applications. He has experience as a PHP and Node.JS developer in addition to C#, Java & Swift applications. Having developed a multitude of various web and native applications, He has had a good amount of experience early in his career.

Outside of work he has gained quite the experience in the realm of photography. His favorite subjects are Landscapes and Nature photography. He greatly enjoys navigating around the west coast and photographing the stars, the sea and the mountains. He has also gained experience with piloting drones to capture totally unique perspectives.

Beyond photography he also greatly enjoys good friendly fun playing board and video games with friends and family. From the standard Call of Duty series to modern classics like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros there are always laughs to be had.